Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Lilly e Violetta

Lilly e Violetta fox jacket via
Lilly e Violetta was born in 2013 in Italy and they aim to keep the craftsmanship and traditional values normally added to the fur industry. The twist and uniqueness come from from their British influence "fusing the best of Italian glamour with modern British style". The truth is that the designs by Lilly e Violetta are full of light and romance but with a sexy touch. Like the girl who hides her best traits under the beauty and grace. 

I first came across Lilly e Violetta in Olivia Palermo's blog and since then I have wanted to know more. I have seen its designs in some blogs and department stores but I want to know more! The quality is obvious and the interest in offering a new product and keep innovating in such an old industry is key in their collections. They work with lynx, mink, sable, chinchilla, fox... I really hope they do well, I am already a fan! 

Do you know more about Lilly e Violetta? Please email me and tell me all about it!

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