Tuesday, 4 August 2015


Red Fox Jacket by Yves Salomon
Fox is one of the most versatile types of fur. They are used as the main fur to create fantastic furry pieces or as trims and details mixed with other furs or fabrics. 

Fox is resistant and warm, and there are many types of them and each are used differently depending on what need to be created. The most commonly used are red fox (like the one above in the picture, super chic), blue fox (you will find it dyed many times), white arctic fox (the most expensive and rare) and gray fox. 

Fox fur is very dense, and needs to be taken care of regularly so it keeps its properties and looks fluffy and neat. It can be a great option for lower budgets as it is a fur that is commonly used for clothing. 

My favourite way of finding fox is as details on other furs or fabrics. I love its movement and thickness and how it makes a very common piece like a parka jacket to a very special item.

What is you favourite type of fox? Do you have any question about fur? Send me an email with your questions and I will be happy to help! ilovemyfur@gmail.com

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