Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Street Style 1: Kim Kardashian

Loved by many, disliked by many others, Kim Kardashian does not leave anyone indifferent. Her beauty and style are over the top, but if there is something I respect about her is her defence of being herself, whether people like it or not, and of course, her defence of wearing fur! Along the years she has given us a few great looks with fur, let's have a look at some of them. 
Super chic! The gloves and hat add drama to the look making it worthy of a Hollywood star.

 Leather jackets can be boring... not this one tho!

If you are feeling that your jeans and top are a bit too understated, just grab your furry arm and are ready for a dramatic entrance.

Thanks to fur Kim was able to breath when wearing that hyper tight dress. The perks of wearing oversize coats. 

 Black and white, the perfect evening colours.

 Feeling cosy with her baby. This coat is to die for, perfect for the cold New York winter nights.

 Great choice for her hair at that time, she looks glowing.

These vests are so practical when you want to upgrade a more simple look. Must have! 

 These white fox furs make her dark eyes and her dark hair outstanding.

 Not many dark haired girls can rock a blond look like she did for that short period of time. I am sure she just did it to be able to work out this pale pink fur! She looks sexy. 

 Absolutely gorgeous white coat, perfect for any dress and to add light to a night look. Check her Louboutin out, Kim at her best!

And as a bonus, an example of how to take it to the next level, because she is Kim Kardashian for a reason: 

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