Sunday, 9 August 2015

The Piece 4

As you already know I am a lynx lover. I absolutely adore the way it feels, how light it is and how cool and trendy it looks. And what I love the most is its exclusivity, the fact that they are unique pieces and that it is such a precious and rare material that only a certain number of pelts are auctioned every year for the production of clothing. 

I came across this piece again in Yves Salomon having a look in its department. It is a gorgeous poncho/cape with a hood. The way the pelts have been sewn together offer a beautiful contrast between the white parts and the brown ones. The back is just stunning, with brown cascades falling from your shoulders until de edge of the garment. 

I understand this is not a piece for everybody. It is what I call an statement, a head-turner. Everybody will admire its natural beauty and great presence. If you are a fashion forward person and love to stand out this is for you!

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