Saturday, 26 September 2015

Fendi SS16 Collection

Fendi's SS16 collection was more about the RTW than fur, but  it was marvellously executed. The fur was presented as details in different garments, it is a spring collection after all. We saw some trims and collars, even shoulder-pads made of mink. The red short jacket below is adorable and a beautiful way to add some fur to a long dress during cooler nights of Spring. 

We saw some blue Astrakhan with great embellishment in the form of leather flowers. And we saw a lot of leather, beautifully crafted and applied to jackets, coats, tops, dresses, etc. It was certainly a mater-class in the use of leather as a wearable fabric beyond jackets and accessories.

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Thursday, 24 September 2015


Alessandro Michele has built a beautiful collection for GUCCI spring/summer 2016, and I was happy to see a full fur mink jacket. Beautiful classic style with an interesting touch in that green leaf coming up the coat. We could also see fur bracelets trimming the end of the sleeves in this gorgeous coat below.   

GUCCI always showcases some fur in its collection, which is a smart mood as fur is expensive and a great money maker. What I love is that they always manage to blend it with the rest of the collection and offer a different perspective on it. Great work so far Alessandro.

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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Burberry Prorsum Front Row and SS16

Sienna Miller

As it was expected,  al the London gorgeousness got together to watch Burberry Prorsum fashion show. And as much as we were missing fur in the collection, the celebrities in the front row decided to wrap themselves in some shearling to fight London's weather. Sienna Miller wearing one of the colours of the season looked wonderful, that green boosts up her beauty. Elisa Sednaoui looked sexy all wrapped up in that suede trench, and Suki Waterhouse opted for a more sweet look with that white coat over her sky blue dress. My favourite top Jourdan Dunn gave us some caramel beauty with this lamb hair coat. Absolutely wonderful. 

The last picture is the only fur we saw in the show. It seems like a shaved mink coat. Perfect for every occasion!

Elisa Sednaoui

Suki Waterhouse

Jourdan Dunn

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Friday, 18 September 2015

J. Mendel Spring 2016

I must admit I was expecting a bit more Spring/Summer furs in J. Mendel's collection but the few you find in it are so blended with the spirit that are almost invisible, which is probably a good thing. Do we want fur to look like fur?  Not in spring summer. But then, do we want a sleeveless short dress made of fur? Probably not. 

The short dresses are perfect winter dresses, they will look great with thick tights and a fur jacket. The colours and prints are cute and very young looking. 

The rest of the collection is very summery and Taylor Swift goes to the VMA like, loosing a bit of the royal feeling that J. Mendel normally goes for, probably  in order to make it more accessible for the young generations of artists now wearing his designs.

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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Dennis Basso Spring 2016

What I love about Spring Summer collections is that designers tend to be a bit more daring when it comes to fur and they allow themselves to use different colours, shapes and techniques than just the classic ones. The Dennis Basso 2016 Spring Summer Collection was a great exercise of colours, forms and rediscovering. 

 The revival of fur is bringing with it new approaches to it as designers want to appeal to younger generations. The A-line cuts and colourful patchworks with floral patterns do that precisely, bringing fur to warmer months as a fabric for all year around. The sheer jacket and coat with fur on top are adorable. We saw also stoles everywhere. What I find interesting is that this trend is actually in the streets. I have come across with plenty of young girls wearing fur stoles during this summer, challenging those who say fur is for winter. I personally think that it depends of where you live. It is like wearing sunglasses indoor, it just do not look right.

Back to the collection, leather is the best friend of Spring, and the works of Basso on that are marvellous. The long lamb coat below is absolutely stunning and add that spring feeling to an office look that will make the jaws in a morning meeting drop on the floor. 

The rest of the collection, with its South-American inspiration is brilliant. Yellow all over the place with beautiful jungle-like prints will make the red carpet look a bit younger and less stiff. Great job Basso!

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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Meadham Kirchhoff closes down

Meadham Kirchoff is one of those brands that leave nobody indifferent. You might love it or hate it, or something in between, but you will feel something when you see its designs. That is why is so sad for me to read that they are closing down, specially due to the lack of money. So many other designers are getting money to support their work being much more commercial, and these people that were making art and really trying to make fashion keep going forward without thinking too much in what is going to sell or not, have to stop their creativity. It really saddens me. 

I cannot say much or do, just pay some sort of tribute here remembering some of their best creations. 

Edward Meadham & Benjamin Kirchhoff, have a great life.


Friday, 11 September 2015

Fendi Fall 2015

As much as I loved the Pre-Fall and the Couture collections of Fendi, I am not totally drown to the Fall collection. I get the idea behind it, the protection and the going away from the romantic femininity of the other two collections, maybe necessary to have a wider approach to the fur market for winter, but I find too architectural some of the coats. Fur normally adds volume to wearers, if you play also with oversize too much you end up looking like an air balloon

Fur aside, the leather constructed tops and skirts are looking beautiful on those girls. I am not sure about the rest of the world, but they can certainly pull it off. Have you got or tried any of these pieces of the collection? What do you think?

Special mention deserve the shoes. Those I love! That Eskimo look is perfect for the cold winter and I bet you are warm just with looking at them!

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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

J. Mendel Fall 2015

J.Mendel Fall 2015 collection is inspired by the 70's and the looks are amazing. I specially like the baroque brocade print and the game between black, white and red. I find these pieces to be special and the kind of style you wear when you want to make an entrance or just add a bit more of chic glamour to a more understated look. 

The rest of the collection feed from the disco-glam of the 70's. The movement of the silk offers a beautiful contrast with more rigid fabrics and the colours of the garments are full of live and glamour, just what you want for a perfect NYC night out.   

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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Dennis Basso Fall 2015

Dennis Basso had me hooked with his first look for the Fall 2015 collection. 3/4 lynx fur coat with a golden dress? HEAVEN! And then what followed was a master-class on elegance, class and style. And again, he proved that fur is the most sophisticated fabric to wear over a gown. There is no way you can get that head-turner effect with any other material. The quality was superb as usual, and the designs classic and timeless. Lynx is the fur of the season and although it is an investment it proves to be very wearable and will no leave anybody indifferent. The rest of the collection has a boho/70's feeling, but only for inspiration as the designs are red carpet material. Great job.

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Monday, 7 September 2015

GUCCI Fall 2015

The first collection of Alessandro Michele for GUCCI is gorgeous. A great hit in many aspects and considered the revival that the brand was in need of. GUCCI always features a few fur pieces in its collections and this year they are key points. We find full length fur coats but also many fur details in other garments like bracelets or trims on wool coats, everything in line with the romantic/sexy/military vibe in the collection. Timeless elegance. 

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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week

The new designers show in Melbourne Fashion Week left a few with their mouth open before the unusual furry looks presented by some designers. I do not know if anybody would buy this, but what I can say is these guys show some serious skills, passion and originality and I am up for it! I think we need innovative young designers in the world of fur and these people are brave enough to show something different. Obviously they are looking for an statement to get some attention, but we should not forget that not all designs are made for the shops, but films, music videos, theatre or simply museums! Well done guys. Unfortunately I cannot say who the designers are as I could not find out, if somebody knows please email me to (pictures via

Monday, 31 August 2015

J. Mendel

J. Mendel was founded in 1870's in St. Petersburg and is now under the direction of Gilles Mendel, fifth generation in the family. Since he joined in 1981, the house has grown to become a luxury fashion house renown not only by its fur but its ball-like gowns, present in every red  carpet around the world. 

The fur in J.Mendel is classic and luxurious. They work with the best quality and their finishings are impeccable. Their designs are not deeply innovative, but they represent the best in each of its garment and when something reaches the stores it is after a long process. The craftsmanship and care of each product translate in timeless pieces with a vintage feeling that will transform you in Russian Royalty every time you wear it.