Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Dennis Basso Spring 2016

What I love about Spring Summer collections is that designers tend to be a bit more daring when it comes to fur and they allow themselves to use different colours, shapes and techniques than just the classic ones. The Dennis Basso 2016 Spring Summer Collection was a great exercise of colours, forms and rediscovering. 

 The revival of fur is bringing with it new approaches to it as designers want to appeal to younger generations. The A-line cuts and colourful patchworks with floral patterns do that precisely, bringing fur to warmer months as a fabric for all year around. The sheer jacket and coat with fur on top are adorable. We saw also stoles everywhere. What I find interesting is that this trend is actually in the streets. I have come across with plenty of young girls wearing fur stoles during this summer, challenging those who say fur is for winter. I personally think that it depends of where you live. It is like wearing sunglasses indoor, it just do not look right.

Back to the collection, leather is the best friend of Spring, and the works of Basso on that are marvellous. The long lamb coat below is absolutely stunning and add that spring feeling to an office look that will make the jaws in a morning meeting drop on the floor. 

The rest of the collection, with its South-American inspiration is brilliant. Yellow all over the place with beautiful jungle-like prints will make the red carpet look a bit younger and less stiff. Great job Basso!

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  1. Its a great funny collection
    I really like the last outfit
    many kisses