Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Loro Piana

Loro Piana mink and baby cashmere vest via loropiana.com
The thing I love the most about Loro Piana is its understated concept and way to approach high luxury. When I think about Loro Piana I do not think in high fashion, but proper luxury. Cherished fabrics and processes are the trademark of Loro Piana, and as a result, cherished luxury products. You just cannot go wrong with Loro Piana. 

The fur is not its core product, but the few appearances in its collections are of high quality materials and designs. It is common to find mink as an insert in its coats or as best, like the picture above. I did not want to put a picture of the product but that drawing as a way of showing what that "cherished product" mean. That drawing comes from its website and it is a great example of how Loro Piana approaches high luxury.

Loro Piana is originally from Trivero (north Italy) and he started his company in 1924 in Quarona after many years working as a merchant for wool. Nowadays Loro Piana is part of LVMH and its products are sold all around the world. Loro Piana is well known in fashion as the forefather of the use of Vicuña fleece, originally from Los Andes. Loro Piana has protected its productions to the extend of creating a nature reserve in 2008 in Peru. 

I do not want to extend myself too much because I could be writing about Loro Piana forever and this is a blog about fur! I encourage and recommend to everybody to visit loropiana.com for more information and to enjoy the passion and respect for its products. 

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