Wednesday, 15 July 2015


Fendi AW13
Mink is provably the best known fur. Sometimes linked to the old fashion way of wearing fur, but there could not be a bigger misinterpretation! Mink is so versatile, so easy to work with, that you can adapt the fabric to any style! Look at the picture above, that Fendi top and skirt from AW13 is trendy, fun and made of mink! Also, thanks to the big mink farms around the world, Mink is not as expensive as other type of fur, so designers and fashion houses are happier to use it in many different ways.

Of course, a classic mink coat is essential in any wardrobe. The mink coats are timeless, ageless, elegant and sophisticated, they can dress you for that special evening and keep you warm in those Moscow cold winter nights. Mink with its original colour and properties are more valuable, more expensive, and the females tends to be considered more luxurious as the hair is softer. But I find this a bit silly as it depends of what you are looking for and want that you could go for a type of mink or other.

Dyed mink is cheaper... but much more fun! You can find absolutely crazy pieces of mink, perfect for that young and irreverent crowd that cannot wait to wear fur in their teens or twenties! Maybe you have that long dress in a coral colour and you cannot wait for a warm night to wear it, get a bright pink mink short jacket and you will leave everybody with their mouth open!

Mink is heavier than other furs like sable or lynx but not to the point if being uncomfortable. In fact, its consistency gives mink great movement. It is very important to get the right size when buying mink as a good chosen mink coat must wrap you and cannot look tight anywhere, otherwise you will lose all the beauty of its natural hang! 

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