Tuesday, 28 July 2015

The Piece 3: Moncler E - Amara Fur

Moncler Amara Fur via Moncler.com
Every winter Moncler launches a capsule collection featuring a designer or theme that reinvents the Moncler down jacket. When I read that Moncler was doing a collaboration with Erdem I certainly did not expect this! It is so not Erdem that I am wondering if it actually happened. 

The inspiration seems to come from the Tzars and Russia, and the designs certainly look like they are classics with a twist of modernity. There is only one piece featuring the classic Erdem floral patterns and it is a bomber jacket that it is so romantic and elegant that can be the ideal touch to a more understated look. The rest of the pieces are the opposite to the flowers that Erdem normally features. There is a silver floral pattern that blends perfectly with the grey, black and white of the rest of the collection. The brocades give the fabric a 3D effect that looks modern and elegant and the designs are very feminine with big lapels and layers for a more refreshed look. There is not much fur, just as lapel or trims but it is used smartly. 

The piece I want to show to you today caught my eye right away. The brocade on the nylon (or what I suppose to be nylon) is absolutely fabulous and the fur trimming the end its the perfect touch for this cape. The fur looks like fox, which is the perfect choice for the white of the cape and the grey shades make it so elegant! For a more detailed view of the brocade take a look at the picture I post below and if you want to see the full collection click here!

I hope you love it too... if you do, you better run to your nearest Moncler as I am sure this is going to be a sold out.

Details of the fabric and fur

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