Saturday, 25 July 2015


Moncler Gamme Rouge Campaign
Moncler is undoubtedly one of the brands to follow these days. Many of you must be wondering why I am reviewing a brand that is mainly focused on nylon in this website, but the fur from Moncler Gamme Rouge, the higher line design by Giambattista Valli, is sometimes to die for. 

The last collection does not have much fur, but look at the one in the pictures. The mix of furs was amazing, I remember really funky pieces a few seasons ago and the quality and functionality was really good. I find Moncler perfect for the young generations of fur wearers and those looking for some statement pieces. 

Before Remo Ruffini took over Moncler, it was just a sports brand with high quality nylon and down jackets. Now it is a rounded brand with so much offer that you can pretty much dress head to toe in Moncler and be ready for the day while you are warm and stylish! 

It is true that sometimes I have found some low quality furs in some designs, but that will be mostly in its main collection while the Gamme Rouge items are cherished and produced up to the highest standards in the market. I am sure that Giambattista Valli has something to do with that, being a couture designer he knows how important is quality for the customer! 

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