Wednesday, 22 July 2015


Yves Salomon METEO Collection

Rabbit... I know what you are thinking: cheap! But do not fool yourself! Rabbit can be your best friend if you want a more seasonable garment and do not want to spend so much! Look at the coat in the picture for instance, it is by Yves Salomon (from its METEO collection) and looks gorgeous! Rabbit, being cheaper, allows brands to experiment and go a bit crazier creating unique and fun pieces like this one.

I have seen rabbit in every color and pattern: white, pink, camouflage digital print, animal print... I find them so much fun and easy to combine with everyday looks. Also they make great accessories as they are cheap and you do not expect to wear them forever.

The thing you must take into account with rabbit is that it is very delicate and it might lose hair easily. Rabbit garments are not as durable as mink or sable and you will have at some point to stop wearing them... even if you love them! They just stop looking right. 

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