Sunday, 19 July 2015


Dennis Basso Fall 2012

Sable is Fur Royalty. People who know about fur look for sable and are able to identify the different types and qualities.  

Sable is super soft when you touch it in any direction and normally there are two well differenced shades, sort of a caramel brown and a darker chocolate brown.  

The best sable comes from Russia and it is one of its trademark furs. My Russian friends tell me that sable is not only beautiful, but incredibly practical when it comes to warmth.  Sable fur is lighter than mink for instance, but can keep you warmer in the cold Russian winter. 

My favourite sables jackets are from Dennis Basso and, of course, Yves Salomon. I love the jackets with python skin seams or leather inserts. And I find that the sable vests are a must have. I love them with a silk white shirt underneath and jeans or leather pants. 

Of course, such an amazing fur comes with a matching amazing price but it is so worth it that I have never regretted any of my acquisitions.  

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