Monday, 13 July 2015

Yves Salomon

Let me set the record straight. Nobody, I repeat, nobody creates a fur piece like Yves Salomon. They are the masters, they are the ones to look at and the ones to follow. Almost 100 years in the business focusing only on fur have given them the right to claim that they are the furriers by excellence. And that is why I wanted to start this blog with them.

Many superbrands do fur, but they are not truly specialise only on that. Even Fendi (I know you all are thinking about them right now) have built its success on the accessories world, which is fair but it kind of divert the attention for what their core product was.

The power of the name Salomon is historical. And their name is known and respected not only by fur lovers all around the globe, but furriers and fur dealers. Whenever they are in a fur auction everybody know what they are here to look for: the best quality, the most rare pieces and the unexpected. That is why they have been setting trends even before they had their own brand and can offer the best quality without the stupid price point of some superbrands.
In 1910, Gregory Salomon is exiled from Russia to Siberia and in 1920 decided to emigrate to Paris, France, where he keeps trading with fur as it has done for many years. Time passes and the Salomon established themselves as the most respected fur traders from the region. During the 80's, and with the company in the hands of Yves Salomon (3rd generation), he decided to create the brand that carries his name. Yves Salomon collaborates with big names like Dior, Prada, Thierry Mugler, Alaïa, and it is present in the first Gaultier Couture show.

Among others, Yves Salomon works with the best qualities of lynx, sable, chinchilla and mink, producing timeless and iconic pieces. In the last years they have been more adventurous mixing the fur and investing in technology in order to get great pieces of fur mixed with cashmere or piton. They offer a wide range of leather pieces too, and created two diffusion collections that are more affordable and attractive for a younger crowd: Army and Meteo.

Yves Salomon is now in the hands of the fourth generation in the family. Thomas Salomon is taking care of the brand his father created and his work have expanded a name that is present in the main fashion centres of the globe. 

Do you want to know more? Visit Yves Salomon's website and enjoy History and Fashion all together.

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