Tuesday, 21 July 2015


Oscar de la Renta via Harrods
Chinchilla is another member of Fur Royalty. 

The first thing you will notice and will get you hooked with this fur is its softness. Chinchilla is by far the softer fur and the feeling when you touch a good piece of chinchilla is close to unreal. It really can take you beyond your feelings capacity, if that makes sense. 

Chinchilla fur is extremely elegant and sophisticated and not everybody can wear it in its original colour as its grey shades can easily wash your face off! But if you love its softness and cannot live without it you always have the dyed option, a bit cheaper but can really bring some colour to your evening look. 

Chinchilla is a very delicate material, not good for everyday use. I recommend you to leave your chinchilla for a special ocasion and keep it stored properly, never squashed in your wardrobe! Due to its softness and quality, Chinchilla is an expensive material, but it will totally be worth it if you go for it!

The chinchilla in the picture is a great example of how a classic chinchilla piece looks like. Normally they are great accessories or short designs as the chinchilla is not a big animal and they are so delicate. The one above is from Oscar de la Renta and I found it in the Harrods website.

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