Monday, 13 July 2015


Yves Salomon AW14
I could have called this blog I ♥ My Lynx because I adore the feeling of my lynx. 

I find lynx the most complicated, exciting, attractive, flattering and enchanting type of fur. Not only for its astronomical prices but for its rareness. And that is what makes it so special. If you wear lynx you mean business, you are a truly fur lover! 

Lynx is very contemporary and light type of fur, but is able to keep you warm without giving up the edginess and coolness. Young girls who know what they want, that are happy to shout out her mind and love an statement piece go for lynx over other type of fur. Lynx makes heads turn around when pass by!

Inside lynx, the most appreciated one is the fully white and black one as you can only get it from a certain part of the animal, while the fur with shades of brown is less exclusive... but do not be fooled by that, you will still have to pay around £100,000 to get a good piece. Do you want to feel the Queen of street style? Get a lynx piece now! 

Yves Salomon

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